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As a Global Online Marketing Specialist for a multinational enterprise, I build global Digital Strategies and provide consulting for more than 25 countries and their local Digital Marketing Teams. I have previously worked as Head of Digital and as SEO Manager in an agency as well as in-house for large websites and in E-Commerce.

I specialized in Paid Ads (Search and Social Media), SEO, E-Mail Marketing and Web Analytics and implemented countless successful projects and campaigns for various businesses in different industries.

In Digital Marketing, one of the most important factors is staying up to date with the frequent changes in our field to remain on top of our game at all times. Instead of keeping my notes and summaries to myself, I decided to publish these news & insights on this website. 

Hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them!

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    I am able to offer a limited number of consulting hours in my free time. If you are interested, send me an E-Mail and I get in touch with you. A few hours are often enough to give companies (E-Commerce and non E-Commerce) or agencies valuable insights and practices they can use right away to improve the effectiveness of their online channels.

    Paid Ads

    Run cost effective and successful Ads on Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram. Drive revenue or awareness through paid channels.


    Increase the organic visibility of your website on Search Engines and acquire more unpaid traffic and revenue through SEO.

    E-Mail Marketing

    Grow your E-Mail Marketing List and move customers through each stage of the Marketing Funnel to the final conversion with automated solutions.

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    Apple has started rolling out the iOS14 Update which limits Facebook in collecting user data. If you are running ads on Facebook and Instagram, these are the things you should consider.